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An Introduction to Catherine Miller,

Personal Coach in Health and Well Being

Hello! I'm Catherine.

Something I have often heard and said myself is - "Leisure? What leisure?!"
Does that sound familiar to you?

Leisure is one of our vital wellness resources.  The lack of leisure or low doses of it  is a symptom of compressed well-being.  15 years ago, an imbalance tilted toward spending more than renewing my inner sense of well-being and energy, combined with two years of chronic illness, sent me on a journey of discovery - of learning to cultivate the well-being of my body, mind and soul, from within.

At the age of 30 with 13 years of business experience, I returned to university to study leisure.  I wanted to understand why leisure, which I knew was beneficial to my physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, was so difficult to make a part of my life.  I hoped to learn how to incorporate what I knew and valued, into my way of being.

My studies turned up '101 constraints to leisure'; 'too tired', 'not enough time', 'not convenient', were a few of the common ones.  All 101 were valid, but they did little to help me, or anyone else, it seemed, surpass these obstacles and improve the quality of our health and life.

I continued to pursue this quest through graduate studies where I began to understand the 'what' of what was really going on beneath the 101 reasons. Thinking that I ran my life making conscious choices for the most part, I was surprised to realize I had habitual ways of thinking, acting and reacting.  I was surprised at the extent to which I relied on these unconscious habits and how much those habits affected my mood, choices and sense of self.  I was also surprised to see how these habitual patterns of thought had been formed by external and social influences I hadn't been aware of and didn't even believe in.

The more aware I became of habitual patterns of thought, reaction and interpretation, the better I could choose those that supported my well-being over those that suppressed it. I became aware of what was typically getting in my way and what was draining my energy, and what I could do instead.  Hence the title of my thesis was Cultivating Leisure: Moving from arrest in habitual patterns to participation in conscious choice.  Leisure was my catalyst for learning that I am able to cultivate my wellness from within.  It doesn't come from outside.  This learning has been the seed from which my health and a profound sense of well-being has grown, enabling me to make meaningful transitions in my career, lifestyle and quality of life and relationships.

This personal work and life experience has given me the understanding, compassion and strong commitment I now give fellow travelers seeking positive change in their personal ways of being and living. It is my genuine pleasure to experience Clients' renewed energy and enthusiasm as they reclaim their lives and move forward in personally meaningful ways.

My personal and professional development is furthered on an ongoing basis through coaching certification, professional and personal development courses, personal practice, study and research.

For 26 years of my adult life, first Vancouver and then Victoria were home to me.  I loved living in both areas and now return to visit dear friends, and to kayak and sail as often as I can. In 2001, I returned to my 'rural roots' of Ontario.  My husband and I and our two feline 'kids' live in the Grey Highlands where we welcome family and friends to share the beauty and recreational four-season pleasures of our rural property with us. I love being outside in my natural surroundings of maple forest, wetlands, wildlife and waterways.  They beckon me to come out and play - and I do!  My renewed and strengthened inner sense of self thanks me every time!

Here's to You and Your Well Being!


International Association of Coaches

  • Founding member of the International Association of Coaching, International Training in
    Communication and The Experienced Coach Program
  • Toleration-Free-Zone Licensed Coach
  • Coaching in business, health, recreation and lifestyle choice and change since 2001
  • 16 years corporate and small business experience
  • M.A.  1997
  • Published author and researcher
  • Educator and Presenter on health, recreation, lifestyle change  and well-being
  • Photographer
  • Lifetime of valuing friendships and the outdoors

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"... it is rare and precious to meet someone who can help others find their own awareness, in an independent way of self-discovery. 

Somehow, you subtly encourage, foster self-discovery...and this gives me far more strength, hope, and satisfaction than having something "handed to me on a platter."

In other words, you assist others to see another perspective exists, but you allow them to choose to open or not to any perspective and to themselves."
                                                                                    Pam H.

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