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How are sessions structured?  What do they cost?

Ways of Working Together
Coaching is provided on a one-to-one basis through any combination of the following methods;
by telephone, in person or in writing.

$265.00 per month             $95.00 per hour
Three 45 minute sessions/month Custom Designed Coaching
Paid at first session We co-design the frequency and length of sessions
with relevant, useful resources based on your wishes as we go
15 Minute Booster Shots:  $25.00

Tele-coaching and/or In-Person:
The most popular forum is to meet for 30 - 45 minutes once a week, three weeks of the month.
This provides some extra time and space each month to reflect and put new understandings into practice.

Some people prefer to be coached through the medium of writing.  They find that through their writing and receiving written questions and feedback they can better 'hear' themselves think, develop their awareness and put their new understandings into practice. We exchange our writing via email, thus this method is known as 'e-coaching'.  e-coaching can be the sole manner of coaching or combined with telephone coaching.

Each written coaching response                    $95.00
Together we establish the desired frequency of responses per month. This gives you complete control, as in the telephone sessions, of how much you invest in your coaching each month.

What does the process look like?

The 3 - 6 - 9 program

Getting Started
3 Most coaching relationships start with a commitment to three months.
Committing  to a minimum of  9-10 sessions over three months helps you weather the fluctuations while sustaining momentum and making rewarding progress.

Time Frames
6 Most people find that working with their coach for three to six months gives them the time needed to really benefit from their coaching process.  It gives time to clarify, practice and learn from chosen changes and the opportunity to develop natural ways of bringing the desired changes into their daily life.

9 Many people find the learning and application in their life so helpful that we continue working together on a regular basis while they realize other applications for their learning, and cultivate new areas in their life. This often occurs over a period of six to nine months of coaching.  People typically find that they more fully understand and learn more from the transitions and changes they are making in their life during this time.

Once or twice a month coaching:  Some people choose to continue with our coaching on a 'once or twice a month' basis as they become more practiced in and comfortable with cultivating their well-being.
Booster Shots and more:  Those who have gained what they wanted from the coaching, are happy knowing that they can check in periodically for a 'booster shot' or re-connect for more coaching as they move on to new heights.

Bringing our Coaching Relationship to a Close
You will know when you have all that you need from coaching.  With confidence and clarity about managing the changes you have established and the ones you wish to bring about you will know your next step and be looking forward to each step thereafter.  You will feel the authentic connection you have made with your sense of well-being - and - you will know how you got there.
When you are ready, we then take one or two sessions to reflect on this journey and bring closure to the coaching.
Wondering what you could gain from our working together? I invite you to book a complimentary telephone conversation by contacting me at:


International Association of Coaches

"The conversation unfolded in a very caring way...[Catherine] was really good at keeping me focused.   So a lot was accomplished in our 30 minute talk.  This really opened me up to the possibilities of coaching and the variety of forms and ways in which it can unfold."

"Thank you again for helping make this writing forum and coaching relationship happen, Catherine.  I am receiving a lot from it – around a building strength in who I am, my ability to access resources – external and internal…The writing seems to leave me feeling more clear, confident and uplifted. ” 

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Favourite Wisdoms