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"You have a soul in you of rare quality…;
never let it starve for lack of what it needs."  Marcel Proust

In this busy culture of ours, we often feel there's not enough time or energy to care for our own well-being or tend our 'inner garden'.
One of Life's Truths, however, is that life gets better when we take time for our self.
When we tend our garden well, we reap an abundance of time, energy and well-being  - for ourself and for others too.

Often we know what we want or need to do to feel our true selves, to feel truly well, yet often we can't seem to make that happen.  Something keeps getting in our way.

Sometimes we don't know what we need or want, but we know we need something!

Cultivating Wellness From Within is a practical, learning process that builds the bridge from intention to result.  Through this process people successfuly transfer what they know - into what they do,
and what they want to be - into their way of being.

How can you do that?

It is important to realize that

What we think and how we think profoundly affect our health and well-being.

Throughout our lives we all develop conditioned reflexes - ways of thinking about our self and responding to our world - that become habit.

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**Key to our personal success, health and well-being is
distinguishing those thoughts a
nd responses that generate our well-being from those that suppress it.**
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How do we do that?

By learning more fully about our self and our habits.

And how do we do that?

Our problems and challenges offer some of our best opportunities to discover unconscious habits that get in our way.

You know what it's like when something you are trying to achieve, resolve, decide on or improve keeps eluding you?
Well, most often, what we are thinking and how we are framing our viewpoint is 'the what' that is really getting in our way.

Coaching in Cultivating Wellness From Within is an interactive process.  It offers ways to 're-frame' your experiences, to see them in a new light. That opens up your thinking to new, more effective, satisfying and 'good fit', natural actions for you.

Cultivating Wellness From Within guides and inspires you to step outside your habitual frameworks and take your thinking out for some fresh air and exercise.

Cultivating Wellness From Within brings positive, meaningful, lasting ways of being into your life - ways of being that cultivate your inner wellness, so that a deep sense of inner peace and well-being resonates within you and through all you do.

When we cultivate our wellness from within, we better align our thoughts, words and actions with our values, self-knowledge and inherent way of being.  This nurtures integrity, the place in us where our soul likes to live.

"I wish to express my gratitude.  I've really appreciated your presence and truly feel more 'well' from having
journeyed with you."

1 1/2 years later  . . ..
  "I've found the work we did together still reverberates today!
    Thank you again."                                 J. Menard, Victoria, BC. 

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